Since its foundation in 1987, the Association of Pensioners of Ministry of Interior of  Republic of Serbia has been dealing with security guarding, as well as the other activities in the field of public and private security for which it has appropriate licenses. The quality of our services is confirmed by long-term cooperation with numerous clients such as domestic and international financial institutions, primary and secondary schools, colleges, health centres, business organizations... All our employees, in addition to meny years of expirience in executive and managerial positions in police and state security sector, have the appropriate licenses to perform activities in the field of private security.


Security, protection and guarding of persons, facilities and properties is one of the basic tasks of our Service. All of our employees have appropriate licenses to perform physical and technical protection activities with or without weapons.


Our professional stewards will work together with the managerial team of venues or event organisers to provide an unparalleled level of service, in accordance with the high expectations that we and our clients will demand.


Risk assessment in protection of persons, property and operations is made in accordance with the Law on Private Security and is compliant with the Standard SRPS A.L 2.003:2017


In cooperation with our permanent partners, quality training and preparation has been provided for the examination for the license for physical and technical security activities and risk assessment activities in the protection of persons, property and business.

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Vladimir Aleksic

Chairman of the Board

Radman Kujovic

Security Organizer

Mileta Baltic





      Thank you for being part of a great security team for the World bank and other tenants. We appreciate all you do every day-and night. Especialy the mix of professionalism and friendliness. You and your team are the first and the last people we see every day at work and your work inspires much confidence.

      On behalf of the Association of Banks of Serbia, I can say that we are more than satisfied with the long-standing cooperation with your company, as well as all the services you continuously provide.

      Vladimir Vasic, Secretary General of the Association of Banks of Serbia


      86 Kneza Miloša street in Belgrade

      Phone : 011 3613 829

      Fax : 011 36 13 829

      Email: mup.penzioneri@mup.gov.rs

      Working hours: Monday – Friday 09:30-15:00